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Xbox at E3

Last night hubby and I watched the Xbox event at E3. It worked very nicely steaming it on Xbox live (loving our 8mb connection).

All in all, I thought that it was fairly underwhelming.

We managed to miss the item I was most interested in, namely Gears of War: Judgement – thankfully we were able to find the trailer on joystiq

Doesn’t show much, but if the game is anything like it’s predecessors it will be awesome. Something to really look forward to in 2013

They also announced a Nike exercise “game” that looks fairly interesting, if it works properly, it will be better than yourShape and I think might be well worth a try (It would have been awesome if Nike and Xbox could make some sort of deal where if you reach your exercise achievements you are rewarded with Microsoft points)

I wasn’t overly interested in Dance Central 3 which was also announced, as I think that it might be a bit too quickly after DC 2, but then hubby showed me a trailer this morning and “I will survive” is in it – enough said.

I think that the way they are starting to integrate the voice component of the Kinect into games are quite cool. Especially in sports games, I’m not a fan of sports games, and don’t think I’ll easily become one, but being able to call out plays and substitutions, is quite cool.

Voice commands are even making their way into the shooters, quite cool

Lastly, there was SmartGlass (well last of the things that interested me). SmartGlass is a concept where your smart phone and or tablet  is fully integrated with your xbox. Based on a quick search I wasn’t able to find a nice link, but the example that they used was one of watching a movie on the Xbox and then your tablet or phone will display more information about the movie/characters/actors.

My first thought was that it seems a bit much, but then, it could be interesting. SmartGlass will also be integrated with games.

I almost forgot about Internet Explorer 8 coming to xbox – first reaction was a cringe, but the cool thing about this is the way you can use your phone or tablet to browse – makes it so much easier and cooler.


Biggest waste of time and worst part of the event goes to the Usher performance. Granted the Call of Duty preview was also rather long and boring.