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Long ramling post about the past 2 weeks

4 weeks! You know, I honestly don’t know whether I feel like the year has barely begun or like it has been going on forever.

These past 2 weeks were interesting.

2 weeks ago I had to have a cyst cut out of my neck – very interesting experience – only needed local anesthesia, so I was awake, but didn’t really know what was going on, which is surprisingly annoying.

Apparently it was a rather large cyst – the doctor kept going on about the size – the hole it left was about 2cm deep I believe.

That made life a wee bit interesting – thankfully due to painkillers I didn’t have a lot of pain, just uncomfortableness.

Hubs and I started a diet – calorie counting since apparently that is the best for fussy eaters – 2 weeks later and I’m 1.5kg down and he is 2kg down – not bad if you take into account that we can eat most of our favourite foods plus chocolate and fizzy drinks (which are mostly for the hubs)

I was also a bit annoyed, because I thought I was doing so well with drinking only one caffeinated beverage a day and almost no fizzy drinks, which I replace with iced tea – guess who forgot that normal tea contains caffeine?

Absolutely no progress on my crochet – I got to a point where I got demoralised because it looks like my idea for a pattern won’t work and then on top of that my neck being injured – I just have not been in the mood to crochet.

Hmm…what else (I really should have more pictures to make this post more interesting, but I suck at taking them)

Hubs and I look hilarious walking around in the shops scanning bar codes of items – we use myfitnesspal for counting calories and they have a bar code scanner that will pick up the food if it is in the database – very useful!

We’re very excited to be seeing Andy Stanley from North Point Church live tomorrow night – should be very interesting!

And lastly – we did something that will either be really stupid or really good – we bought a treadmill! We discovered on Friday that cycling while watching TV works quite well. And on Sunday we saw a treadmill on special – loved it – and I’ve always wanted a treadmill – and voila we bought one!

Bummer though is that we have to wait until Wednesday before they deliver it(it was too big for the car) – but I can’t wait! Planning on doing C25k…weeeeeeeeee

Apologies for the long and rambling post!

Week 2 of 2013

Is it just me, or did this past week go by really really quickly?

I was astounded when all of a suddend I found it to be Friday last week (happy, but a wee bit surprised)

All in all, it wasn’t a bad week, I think.

I don’t remember a whole lot about the week actually, I know I didn’t make a lot of progress on my crochet and then having to start working squares together this weekend, my interest level drop quite a bit – something I have to work through – I think I’m just at a point where it feels like the pattern either won’t work out or that it will be way too much effort in the end (those dreaded edges! I’m glad I’m not alone in that)

Hubby and I had a lot of fun playing borderlands – we’re almost done with the campaign after which we might do a second play-through.

Habit/goal-wise the week went well as you can see below:


I did end up adding two more goals,things that I think will improve life a bit and isn’t too much effort to end up  making it too much too soon.

I also bought this really cool mouse-pad planner on Friday – you can plan your whole week on it! It’s mostly for work, so not much exiting will go on it – I just love various forms of stationary.


Not a great photo unfortunately

(not sure why the photo is sidey-ways, but oh well)

I’m not sure what I want to accomplish this week, but I am starting to think more and more that it is time to be more intentional about life – setting goals for each week and accomplish them, not just floating through life and being.

Anyone have anything interesting planned for the week?

Oh – I almost forgot! Today marks the 5 year anniversary of me starting my current job and more importantly, meeting hubby. wow

The problem with eating…

Had I remembered to add the picture to my post yesterday, you would have noticed that one of my goals/habits is to eat breakfast.

(Here it is today)

habits picture

The problem for me with eating though, is that it makes me hungry – I know, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is true.

As I’m sitting here, I had breakfast about 2 hours ago – granted, today’s breakfast wasn’t the most sustaining breakfast ever (a big mango), but I still am not impressed by feeling very very hungry as I’m typing this.

I find that they only things that keeps me full for a bit longer, are eggs and brown bread toast with cheese. Even bran cereal doesn’t keep me full for long :(.

I’m trying to settle into eating 3 main meals a day with small snacks inbetween, but it’s difficult if I’m continually hungry.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

What do you have for breakfast?


I’m hoping life will be a little calmer this week.

There is meant to be a presentation on either Tuesday or Thursday and I might or might not be going. I bought nice formal clothes just in case I am going. I don’t think I’m too bothered either way.

We had a fairly good weekend. Hubby got his new Retina Display macbook pro – he is so happy, it’s awesome.

Saturday was shopping and some cleaning and then just relaxing – I started filing all my Art – of  – Crochet magazines. I don’t have enough binders, they were out of stock for the longest time, and then never sent me the catch-up ones. I’m pretty sure I was charged for it though. I should go look.

That off course means that I saw a lot of projects that I want to do, so I came up with an interesting idea.

I made a list of all the projects I want to make, divided up into the amount of yarn they use, 0-5 balls, 6-10 balls etc. And I will write that on different colour cards and as I have money and want to start new projects, I just pick a card that suits my budget.

I did find a new project – a top – that I started on, you’re meant to use mercerized cotton, but I have a bamboo yarn that I think is about the same thickness, so we’ll see what happens – I did a semblance of a tension square, so now I’m hoping for the best.

I want to do a post with all my current projects, I think I have 3 or  4 going at the moment.

Church was interesting – we started a new series called Vengeance, it is about how we react when we are hurt by other people and the subtle ways in which we take revenge, e.g. withdrawing, suppressing(I’m struggling a bit with seeing how that one is vengeance) and two others which I don’t really remember.

Looking forward to the next installment of this.

Otherwise, not much exciting happening – I was meant to start my second cycle of bootcamp this morning. I debated with myself before bed and decided that I was going, woke up at 3 this morning and debated some more and decided that I was not going.

Still don’t know what the best thing is to do.

Quick Catch-up

Life has been a bit hectic (at work at least)

The weekend was fairly quiet and restful, but at work I’m preparing for a presentation and it’s going quite crazy.

I haven’t been able to go to exercise the last 2 days as my ankle is still hurting – really annoying. It looks like I might miss the assessment on Thursday as well.

I’ve been crocheting! Working on the scarf that I posted the other day – I wasn’t sure about the pattern at first, but it has grown on me – and now that it has, I have no idea where my other ball of the same yarn is!

I’ve also been working on a crochet top – I think I need to do about 10 more rows and then I’ll be done with either the front or the back side – this is one of those projects that I just can not wait to finish, but it will be a while still.

I’m trying to think if I have any other news…I don’t think so

The daily inspiration posts might be a bit erratic for the rest of the week due to this presentation, so please bear with me.

How is everyone else doing?

(Isn’t it awesome when you hit the spell check button and it tells you that no errors have been found?)



Life is a bit busy at the moment – hence no daily inspiration post or any other post yesterday.

I usually do the inspiration post during my lunch hour, but I’ve been told that we have a rather big presentation coming on the 16th and I’m preparing the document for it (I’m not sure if I’m going to do the presentation as well)
It seems like my boss and I don’t communicate very well. I thought the doc that I prepared was exactly what he had asked for, but it was completely not

So I started with a new approach which then again not what he wanted. I’m not exactly sure where the problem lies. Is it me who just assume I know what he wants, but I don’t really, or is it him who isn’t explaining well?

Any ideas how I can pinpoint the problem?

Its very easy (and tempting) to just blame him, but that is the wrong way to go about it and I need to remember that.

That’s work…please keep me in your prayers, I don’t know if I can do this.

Last night at home was quite nice, but then again, so was Monday.

On Monday hubby did the cooking and gave me a massage. We watched the second disk of White Collar (good,clean show, it’s awesome)

Last night was a bit productive, I cooked and we did some unpacking. Dinner and Bones. Hubby washed the dishes even though he had cooked the previous night (isn’t he just awesome?) and then while he was busy on his computer, I unpacked and sorted all my yarn – it was more than I thought..


I also found a project that I had started working on last year, but then got forgotten between wedding plans and moving and all that.

The yarn is just so so gorgeous! ( it’s Vinnis Nikkim)


I dug out the pattern and am good to go!

Did I mention that I actually finished the crochet part of the baby blanket I was working on? I just need to work away the edges…my favourite part…not!

Kilhra and Squeaky supervised the yarn…


This morning’s exercise was quite hectic + I think I sprained my ankle, which is annoying.

And I think that is about everything going on in my life…how are you all doing?

(please excuse typos and such, using my phone to post this)

One for the ladies

I didn’t mention this yesterday, but we eventually managed to get out of our house yesterday. The locksmith pretty much hit the lock with a hammer until it fell apart and then put a new lock in. We are free again!

I learnt a little bit from this whole thing, but not a whole lot. Last night I was so tempted to just not go to exercise today and have another rest day – because the two days go together so nicely so it’s a good place to skip. And I didn’t have any snacks for today. I’m so good at finding excuses…BUT!

I managed to motivate myself – I told myself that it would be worth it in the end and that it really isn’t that bad when I am at exercise. I also looked at my motivation pictures, which may have helped.

So there I was this morning walking during the warm-up and switching over into a jog – and things are a little…bouncy…

Somehow (please don’t ask me how) I managed to forget the most important piece of clothing for exercise.

I really couldn’t believe it – I mean getting dressed is pretty much the same every morning, it’s not an item that I sometimes wear and sometimes don’t wear. I know I almost forgot it on Sunday as well. What is going on with me?


Anyways – so anytime we were running I was doing this weird run where I was holding onto the twins. I skipped skipping and just jogged in place (didn’t want a black eye [slight exaggeration there])

I survived – it was quite a hectic morning especially for arms and abs, I do feel that I didn’t really work all that hard with the abs exercises – I kept using my back the whole time and that just hurt.

Glad I went. And yes, come Wednesday night I will probably not feel like going again, but as soon as it starts I will motivate myself and remind myself how much it will be worth it when I can finally look in the mirror and like what I see.

Ladies…don’t forget the bra…



By the way, this is my 48th post, which means that today’s Daily Inspiration will be number 49.

That usually happens around 14:04 Johannesburg time.

Making good memories

Playing tick tac toe in the shower on the steamed up shower wall

Weekend reflections

I have really boring weekends. Restful, but boring.

This weekend consisted of mostly staying at home, well, we went out for lunch and “dinner” on Saturday, which actually is a bit unusual. Other than that it was just a quiet day at home.

I did a very leisurely 30minute cycle on Saturday, the washing and we watched Bones.

The service at church was quite intersting. It was part 2 of “The new rules for love sex and dating” by Andy Stanley. It is aimed mostly at singles and unmarried people and yesterday’s sermon was aimed at men, but I still learned something.That everyone on this earth is made in the image of God and that Jesus died for everyone.

Yes, even that guy in the corner that I despise.

The sermon was mostly aimed at men having to treat women with respect and the ways in which they could do so, but the abovementioned struck me. Do I think myself better than some other people, or do I treat everyone like they were made in the image of God and therefore actually my equal?

Definitely an area in my life where I have to work on.

The rest of Sunday was pretty much spent just being lazy and restful.

This morning was bootcamp again and wow did we work hard! It feels good though.


Fitness Assessment

I mentioned early in the week that I started with exercising again.

The  “program” that I am doing works in 4 week cycles and have fitness assessments to measure your progress.

These assessments happen on the first and last Thursday of each camp, which means my first one was this morning.

As opposed to the first two days, I felt rather weak and un-energetic this morning and I only did the half-distance run.

I am still quite motivated to work hard and push myself and get good results, which is motivating (yea, that is a weird sentence)

Eating healthy is going well, I am actually buying and making veg that I don’t usually bother with because hubby doesn’t eat them. I realised that I don’t mind freezing and then cooking veg, so that might work out well.

Without further ado, the results of my assessment:

800m run: 5m 43s

Push ups: 25 (in a minute)

Sit ups: 31 (in a minute – this one was a bit of a surprise, I expected much less)

Plank: 28 seconds

Right side Plank: 27 seconds

Left side Plank: 30 seconds.

I’m not entirely sure what my goals are in terms of improving these.

I think if I can do the run in 30-60 seconds less I will be happy.

And maybe the rest in increments of 10 seconds/repetitions will be a good idea?

I’m just going to work as hard as possible the next 3 weeks. I can do this

I have to do my measurements as well tonight – I doubt that I will post those, but I am playing with doing a progress bar for weight loss. I know that weight loss alone isn’t really a good measurement of how my body is shaping up because I will be building muscle, but it is still nice to see a change in weight.

Here is to a healthy life!