Monthly Archives: January 2014

Scans and things

We had our anomaly scan yesterday – it’s amazing to see how Parker grew! She is quite cute as well.

Stubborn – beyond belief! We were hoping to get final confirmation on the gender, but she kept her legs crossed the whole time. The doc also tried to give us a 3D photo of her face, but then she proceeded to put her arm in front of her face.
The pictures that we did get of these are quite hilarious.

So, now we have a follow up appointment in 4 weeks where we will hopefully find out what the gender is for sure – after that I think that it might be too late to return all the pink anyways!

I have to admit that thinking about how much time is left before baby arrives (about 18 weeks), I feel a bit nervousabout getting everything done.
Logically I know that it is still a while, but it just sounds so close! I’m thinking that I want to start buying all the toiletries etc. which off course raises the question of what to buy!

In terms of bigger items, I think the main things we still need is a bath (our sink won’t work all that well) and a cradle to fix the car seat to (that one is probably quite important).

Other than that…do we need much more than a cot (with changing table) and a stroller?

Seriously looking at buying a Fisher Price Sleeper – seems like it really helps with the sleeping initially.

How important is a nursing chair? I’m thinking of initially just using the sleeper couch to sit on or the office chair which are both in the nursery/guest room/study.

Excitement! 18 weeks until I can hold our little Parker in my arms 🙂

The last 20 weeks

It is unbelievable how time flies! Can it really be that it was 15 weeks ago that we found out about Parker?

If these last 20 weeks go by at the same speed, we’ll have Parker with us by what feels like tomorrow.


That is both scary and incredibly exciting at the same time.


I know I’ve said this before, but I really want to try to keep up with the blogging – especially now. In part because I think it might be funny to look back in a year or so and see just how naive I was before baby came along.

I was saying to hubby the other day that no matter what scare stories I read (granted they are real stories, but scary ones) somehow I’m still not terrified of the whole giving birth/dealing with a newborn thing.

There must be some hormone or something that protect moms-to-be from freaking out too much. At this stage it feels like everything will go ever to smoothly and motherhood will be easy – hahahahaha.

Lets see how it goes!