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Long ramling post about the past 2 weeks

4 weeks! You know, I honestly don’t know whether I feel like the year has barely begun or like it has been going on forever.

These past 2 weeks were interesting.

2 weeks ago I had to have a cyst cut out of my neck – very interesting experience – only needed local anesthesia, so I was awake, but didn’t really know what was going on, which is surprisingly annoying.

Apparently it was a rather large cyst – the doctor kept going on about the size – the hole it left was about 2cm deep I believe.

That made life a wee bit interesting – thankfully due to painkillers I didn’t have a lot of pain, just uncomfortableness.

Hubs and I started a diet – calorie counting since apparently that is the best for fussy eaters – 2 weeks later and I’m 1.5kg down and he is 2kg down – not bad if you take into account that we can eat most of our favourite foods plus chocolate and fizzy drinks (which are mostly for the hubs)

I was also a bit annoyed, because I thought I was doing so well with drinking only one caffeinated beverage a day and almost no fizzy drinks, which I replace with iced tea – guess who forgot that normal tea contains caffeine?

Absolutely no progress on my crochet – I got to a point where I got demoralised because it looks like my idea for a pattern won’t work and then on top of that my neck being injured – I just have not been in the mood to crochet.

Hmm…what else (I really should have more pictures to make this post more interesting, but I suck at taking them)

Hubs and I look hilarious walking around in the shops scanning bar codes of items – we use myfitnesspal for counting calories and they have a bar code scanner that will pick up the food if it is in the database – very useful!

We’re very excited to be seeing Andy Stanley from North Point Church live tomorrow night – should be very interesting!

And lastly – we did something that will either be really stupid or really good – we bought a treadmill! We discovered on Friday that cycling while watching TV works quite well. And on Sunday we saw a treadmill on special – loved it – and I’ve always wanted a treadmill – and voila we bought one!

Bummer though is that we have to wait until Wednesday before they deliver it(it was too big for the car) – but I can’t wait! Planning on doing C25k…weeeeeeeeee

Apologies for the long and rambling post!

The problem with eating…

Had I remembered to add the picture to my post yesterday, you would have noticed that one of my goals/habits is to eat breakfast.

(Here it is today)

habits picture

The problem for me with eating though, is that it makes me hungry – I know, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is true.

As I’m sitting here, I had breakfast about 2 hours ago – granted, today’s breakfast wasn’t the most sustaining breakfast ever (a big mango), but I still am not impressed by feeling very very hungry as I’m typing this.

I find that they only things that keeps me full for a bit longer, are eggs and brown bread toast with cheese. Even bran cereal doesn’t keep me full for long :(.

I’m trying to settle into eating 3 main meals a day with small snacks inbetween, but it’s difficult if I’m continually hungry.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

What do you have for breakfast?

Realistic Expectations and Patience

I think at the moment I am having trouble with both of the above.

I am having these daydreams about the last day of my current exercise cycle. Of doing my measurements and seeing that the centimetres have just melted away, the weight just fallen off.

I realised today that I should probably make sure that I have realistic expectations. Improvements are not going to happen over night. It took years to get to the size I am now and it’s not going to disappear in just 4 weeks.

Patience Patience Patience.

I am not sure what a realistic expectation would be. 1cm less? 2cm less?

I’ve done fairly well with eating right (there was that really divine cake on Friday though)

I must just not lose heart and give up. The hard work is worth it. The extra effort with proper food is worth it.


Weekend – roundup

All in all, I think that this was a fairly quiet weekend.

We had a bit of an issue with our geyser, the thermostat broke and even though it was fixed by Friday, but they forgot to re-open some tap that they had closed, so we only had a trickle of water coming out of the hot water taps.

How annoying!

The plumber came to fix it on Saturday morning, after which I just had a very lazy day – spent most of it reading.

Sunday morning was church – my parents came with for father’s day. We started a really interesting series called “Love, sex and dating”.
It’s aimed more at single people, but I still found some stuff in there that is beneficial to me.

After that we were going for lunch, but going for lunch at some restaurant on Fathers day… need I say more?

Ended up not getting lunch with my parents and neither did we end up doing dinner with the in-laws – fathers day just did not work out for us.

I suppose on the bright side for me, I did get to read for most of the day again – so relaxing!

Then this morning (Monday)I started exercising again! It is a boot-camp-like exercise program, 3 days a week for 4 weeks.

Today didn’t go too badly, especially considering that everyone else in the group are old-timers.

Along with the exercise I am going to try to do the healthy/calorie restricted eating – no sense in running around like a crazy person (at 5:30 in the morning!) and then messing it up by eating wrong. ( I am really craving steak)

I’m sure I’ll be full of moans tomorrow with the after effects though.

Strangely enough, after all the “I don’t wanna go, don’t wanna go” in my head, I enjoyed this morning – as much as one can enjoy exercise.

I’m sure I’ll still not feel like going tomorrow morning, but I will persevere and I will get through the 4 weeks (and maybe do another 4 weeks after that and another…)


Cooking good food

I mentioned yesterday about spending some time browsin Pinterest. I ended up also looking at the food pages.


I wish that I was better at the whole cooking thing. I can make meals, most of which my husband and I enjoy, but it all comes out of packages.

Chicken curry is made using a curry sauce by Tastic. Breyani is made by using the breyani mix also from tastic.

I think the only recipe that I make from scratch is a sweet and sour chicken recipe that I found via Pinterest.

My rice cooking skills seems to have disappeared as well – I don’t know why, but for some reason my rice just does not taste right.

Getting back to browsing Pinterest though,  this board is what brought up this post.

I know photos tend to look a lot more amazing somehow than reality, but wow. I wish I could cook that wide-a-variety.


Sure, I can follow any recipe given to me, but just having the motivation…and time…