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Mini rings of change cal

And so it is complete! I’ve had so much fun with this project.

Thank you so much to Kate for hosting it, I loved the whole process and is so happy with the final outcome! (I’ll pretend that there are no edges to work away)

I must admit that I was very unsure about rows 40 and 41, I did not like what they looked like, but thankfully 42 brought it all together and it looks so nice.

I am quite tempted to buy the full pattern and continue, but I think that might be a bit much



Mini rings of change CAL – Week 10

I’m about a week behind – went through a bit of a slump and lost interest in crocheting, but I have finally finished the crochet for week 10 (after having to pull out about 3/4 of one of the rows because of a mistake)