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Tiredness and stuff

I’m going through another one of those “I feel like blogging” phases – the big problem is that I rarely get past the thinking about blogging part.

I seem to have finally gotten to the actual posting part.

I’m exausted at the moment – we have a kitten – a gorgeous monster that likes getting up at 5am while we are still trying to sleep. All I want at the moment is my bed, but unfortunately it is still about 9 hours away. I guess I’ll stare at the cute culprit for the time being…

Our still nameless kitten

Our still nameless kitten


I’ve also taken up knitting in recent months – never thought that I would, but it is surprisingly fun – I’m currently working on a baby jacket-thingy

Baby jacket

Baby jacket

Not the best of photos, but it gives you the idea.

I’m thinking it’s time for breakfast 🙂


Chat soon!

Squeaky learns about yarn

What a weekend.

We were expecting a fairly relaxed weekend, with not too much happening. These expectations came crashing down on Friday evening when we found Squeaky with about 100-150cm of yarn hanging out of her butt.

Yes, she had decided that yarn tastes good and ate some of it. Hubby-dearest yanked on it before he realised where exactly it was sticking out from and this confirmed that the remaining yarn was quite stuck.

At this point, we were not really sure what to do. Do we take her to an emergency vet? Do we just leave her be? Apart from the fact that she had already thrown up twice, there were also some horror stories on the interwebs about cats swallowing yarn.

We watched her for a while and she didn’t seem too uncomfortable, so we decided that it was safe to wait until morning before taking her to the vet.

Saturday morning arrived and she was still alive and running around like a crazy cat, but once again threw up. We phoned the vet and they asked us to bring her in as soon as possible.

After investigating her, the vet said that they would anethetise her and try pulling out the yarn, but if it was stuck they might have to operate. Either way, she had to stay the weekend.

We went home, rather distraught, but fortunately about and hour and a half later the vet phoned to tell us that they managed to get all the yarn (about 90cm) out without having to operate. Thank God!

Unfortunately she still had to stay the rest of the weekend, but we were feeling slightly better. We fetched her this morning and she seems happy enough. It was rather expensive though, shoo.

We’re hoping that this will be the last time that something this serious happens, but knowing Squeaky…