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Making good memories

Playing tick tac toe in the shower on the steamed up shower wall

Daily Inspiration: Fireworks suprise

Today’s inspiration comes from Amy Shawb:

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I have recently participated in my first give-away on another blog and it was quite interesting and I would even say exciting.

This made me think of hosting a give-away myself, but because it is my first attempt and I don’t have that many followers yet, it will be a rather small give-away.

I would like to celebrate reaching 50 posts on my blog (I think of all the blogs I’ve ever had, this is the most I’ve posted).

The give-away will be 5 balls of Vinnis Nikkim yarn.

The winner will be able to select the colours they want from the above store or possibly an online yarn store in their area.(It has to be this particular yarn though)

This will be my 44th post and I will draw a winner after the 49th post and announce who it is in the 50th post.

Unfortunately I’m not entirely sure when this will happen, but it will probably be early to mid next week.

To enter, please comment on this post and tell us what your favourite yarn is.

Only one entry per person will be allowed.



New projects

I am getting close to completing the baby blanket that I am working on (granted, it will still take about 3 hours).

I have also finally found an online shop that sells a rather big variety of my favourite yarn

So, I was thinking that since I still have most of my hobbies budget left for the month, I’ll buy some yarn and start on a new, fairly small project and I want you as my readers to help me choose.

I am linking the pictures from my pinterest account, if you click on the picture it should take you to the pin and from there the original source.

Here are my choices:

Lacy Scarf

Bright cushion (or just lots of small squares to eventually make a blanket)

Try out entrelac

Which one do you think would be a good project to try?

Daily Inspiration: Sunflower Lapghan

Today’s inspiration comes from Deb’s crafts:

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Pinterest Pet Peeves

Do you have any pet peeves where Pinterest is concerned?

I love using Pinterest and finding inspiration there, but I get really annoyed when people link to “wrong” things.

One example of this would be the front page of a blog, for example They might find it while it is on the front page, but months later the image is on page 100 and the pin still points to, making it almost impossible to find the thing you are actually looking for.

In my opinion  the correct way to pin from blogs is to go to the actual blog post (most often you just click on the title) and then pin the image from there.

Which brings me to my second pet peeve, people who clicks on the image and then blogs it from there, or something along those lines. When someone then tries to open the link from Pinterest they can get to only the image. Blogger is especially bad at this as you have no way to know by the url which blog the picture is from.

Frustrating I tell you!

I don’t think people do it on purpose, they probably just think about it that way.

I have found that reverse image searching helps with this. This simply means that you use the image to search and often times this has helped me to find the original pattern. (you can just google reverse image searching)

I think I need to work through all my pins and find patterns for the ones that don’t have and move the rest into my non-pattern board. One day…

Daily Inspiration: Crazy Insane Granny Square Madness

Today’s inspiration comes from Fiddlesticks:

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Isn’t that just gorgeous?!

What is blocking and why do it? « littlehoundalesknits

Doesn’t the shawl in this post just look awesome?
I love the colour combinations, and I honestly never knew that you could knit things that looked like this. I am in awe…

What is blocking and why do it? « littlehoundalesknits.

And the blocking information is quite cool as well!

The motherload of yarn

The motherload of yarn

I want…my birthday is in September *hint hint* 😉

I am still in awe afer seeing this – if you click on the picture, it will take you to the blog post explaining this heap of yarn.

I can just imagine having a heap like this (and probably not know what to do with it)

Sometimes I wish I lived in the US or UK to be able to buy all these yarns for cheaper, in SA it really is expensive 😦

Once again, just wow