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Life is a bit busy at the moment – hence no daily inspiration post or any other post yesterday.

I usually do the inspiration post during my lunch hour, but I’ve been told that we have a rather big presentation coming on the 16th and I’m preparing the document for it (I’m not sure if I’m going to do the presentation as well)
It seems like my boss and I don’t communicate very well. I thought the doc that I prepared was exactly what he had asked for, but it was completely not

So I started with a new approach which then again not what he wanted. I’m not exactly sure where the problem lies. Is it me who just assume I know what he wants, but I don’t really, or is it him who isn’t explaining well?

Any ideas how I can pinpoint the problem?

Its very easy (and tempting) to just blame him, but that is the wrong way to go about it and I need to remember that.

That’s work…please keep me in your prayers, I don’t know if I can do this.

Last night at home was quite nice, but then again, so was Monday.

On Monday hubby did the cooking and gave me a massage. We watched the second disk of White Collar (good,clean show, it’s awesome)

Last night was a bit productive, I cooked and we did some unpacking. Dinner and Bones. Hubby washed the dishes even though he had cooked the previous night (isn’t he just awesome?) and then while he was busy on his computer, I unpacked and sorted all my yarn – it was more than I thought..


I also found a project that I had started working on last year, but then got forgotten between wedding plans and moving and all that.

The yarn is just so so gorgeous! ( it’s Vinnis Nikkim)


I dug out the pattern and am good to go!

Did I mention that I actually finished the crochet part of the baby blanket I was working on? I just need to work away the edges…my favourite part…not!

Kilhra and Squeaky supervised the yarn…


This morning’s exercise was quite hectic + I think I sprained my ankle, which is annoying.

And I think that is about everything going on in my life…how are you all doing?

(please excuse typos and such, using my phone to post this)

Daily Inspiration: Sunburst Granny Hearts

Today’s inspiration comes from Bunny Mummy:

Click for original




Note: This is my 49th blog post. The winner of my give-away will be determined and announced in the next post


I have recently participated in my first give-away on another blog and it was quite interesting and I would even say exciting.

This made me think of hosting a give-away myself, but because it is my first attempt and I don’t have that many followers yet, it will be a rather small give-away.

I would like to celebrate reaching 50 posts on my blog (I think of all the blogs I’ve ever had, this is the most I’ve posted).

The give-away will be 5 balls of Vinnis Nikkim yarn.

The winner will be able to select the colours they want from the above store or possibly an online yarn store in their area.(It has to be this particular yarn though)

This will be my 44th post and I will draw a winner after the 49th post and announce who it is in the 50th post.

Unfortunately I’m not entirely sure when this will happen, but it will probably be early to mid next week.

To enter, please comment on this post and tell us what your favourite yarn is.

Only one entry per person will be allowed.



The motherload of yarn

The motherload of yarn

I want…my birthday is in September *hint hint* 😉

I am still in awe afer seeing this – if you click on the picture, it will take you to the blog post explaining this heap of yarn.

I can just imagine having a heap like this (and probably not know what to do with it)

Sometimes I wish I lived in the US or UK to be able to buy all these yarns for cheaper, in SA it really is expensive 😦

Once again, just wow

Daily Inspirations: Kitty-Cat Afghan

Today’s inspiration comes from The Adventures of The Gingerbread Lady:

Click for original

Loving the kittens and the awesome tutorial

Daily Inspiration: Lavender & Spearmint Dishcloth

Today’s inspiration comes from Best free crochet:

Click for original


I have to admit that I can’t really imagine this being suitable for a dishcloth, but it sure is gorgeous

Daily Inspiration: Stained Glass Afghan Square

Today’s inspiration comes from Ravelry in the form of an Afghan Square by Julie Yeager

I would really encourage you to click on the image and view the Ravelry page, it absolutely blew my mind when I saw how different colour combinations changed the appearance of this square.

It is just absolutely amazing

Crochet Projecdology

(Yes, I made that word up…I think)


How do you approach your crochet projects? One at a time? Several at once?


If you do several at once, how do you decide which one to work on?


I was just thinking about the crochet projects that I have going at the moment (and have had going for a while now) as well as the ones I want to start, I’m sort-off stopping myself from starting any new projects until I finish my current ones, but I was just thinking that I could always have 5 projects and then I can pick a day to work on each one during the week during lunch.

The question that arose then was what is better; doing one project at a time and finishing it quicker or doing several at a time and taking much longer, but having variety.

My current two projects are both blankets:

Round Ripple Baby Afghan from herrschners.com


Pacific Harbour Throw also from herrschners.com


Starting the last one, I came to the sad reality that with blankets, once you have figured out the pattern, all the fun is gone, it is just the same thing over and over again 😦
I want to branch out and do more fun things and hopefully eventually be able to make crochet items that I can sell.

Most of all, I just want to enjoy my crochet.


What is your crochet projecdoloy?

Daily Inspiration: Entrelac crochet blanket

Today’s inspiration is from Charlotte’s Web

Click for original post

Loving this blanket!

I haven’t tried this form of crochet before and am thinking that the next baby present I make might be a blanket like this

Cool tutorial on this technique at My Life in Knots – reading through it made me want to run home and get my crochet stuff so I could try it over lunch – a bit too sore for that though!

Inspiration: Purple Suns Blanket

Today’s inspiration comes from Linda’s CraftyCorner in the form of a Purple Suns blanket

Click for the original blog post

Absolutely gorgeous