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Do you know how many pages of results you get if you search for doilies on Ravelry? I recently got to find out. Thanks to the Mini Rings of Change CAL, I have become interested in actually crocheting doilies hence my search on Ravelry.

I typed in “Doily” and selected “Crochet” and “Free” as my search options – I was greeted with 28  pages of results. I dived in and emerged a couple of blissful hours later.

Along the way I added everything that looked remotely interesting to my queue – this resulted in a queue of 97 patterns, all doilies.

You’ll never guess what I want to do now…yarn shopping! I don’t have any thinner yarns as my usual preference of patterns tend to use 4ply/DK yarns.

I’m thinking that I should pick one or two patterns and then buy yarn for that, the only question now, is how on earth do I pick those two patterns? Do I just take the first two in my queue, or do I spend another hour or two in careful consideration? Another alternative I suppose is to pick two random numbers between 0 and 97 and whichever numbers are picked, those are the projects I shall attempt. That actually sounds like a good idea.

The very first one that  I will do however has been picked as there is only doily in my queue that uses dk/4ply yarn. That is the Passion Flower doily by Ester Chandler it is a fairly “small” doily at 11 rounds and will hopefully be a good starter project.

What are your favourite doily patterns?

Daily Inspiration: Stained Glass Afghan Square

Today’s inspiration comes from Ravelry in the form of an Afghan Square by Julie Yeager

I would really encourage you to click on the image and view the Ravelry page, it absolutely blew my mind when I saw how different colour combinations changed the appearance of this square.

It is just absolutely amazing

Daily Inspirations

My friend Amy mentioned to me earlier how addictive Pinterest is. I’ve been a member of Pinterest for a while and have really enjoyed browsing around. Lately though, my Pinterest browsing mainly consisted of looking at the new pins by the people who I follow.

After my conversation with her though, I searched for the crochet boards on Pinterest and oh my there are many of them. I went a bit crazy with following them and also looking through various boards. Crisis-worthy, I tell you.

I then came up with the idea of doing a daily crochet inspiration post – it might motivate me to finally sort out my lounge (where all the stuff from moving is) and put all my yarn on ravelry and find cool projects that I can make with it.

Must. Do. Soon.

Also – the stuff you get is just so pretty!

Today I decided to feature:Boy’s Slippers Crochet booties from Crochet dreams (Click on the image for the website)


Aren’t they just beyond adorable?

The creator actually shares the pattern for these for free on her blog.