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Daily Inspiration: Northern Star

Today’s inspiration is by Colour in a simple life

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There is a full tutorial in the original post

Quick Catch-up

Life has been a bit hectic (at work at least)

The weekend was fairly quiet and restful, but at work I’m preparing for a presentation and it’s going quite crazy.

I haven’t been able to go to exercise the last 2 days as my ankle is still hurting – really annoying. It looks like I might miss the assessment on Thursday as well.

I’ve been crocheting! Working on the scarf that I posted the other day – I wasn’t sure about the pattern at first, but it has grown on me – and now that it has, I have no idea where my other ball of the same yarn is!

I’ve also been working on a crochet top – I think I need to do about 10 more rows and then I’ll be done with either the front or the back side – this is one of those projects that I just can not wait to finish, but it will be a while still.

I’m trying to think if I have any other news…I don’t think so

The daily inspiration posts might be a bit erratic for the rest of the week due to this presentation, so please bear with me.

How is everyone else doing?

(Isn’t it awesome when you hit the spell check button and it tells you that no errors have been found?)

Daily Inspiration: Beautiful Baby Blanket

Today’s inspiration is by Lyubava Crochet:

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Daily Inspiration: Crochet Star

Today’s inspiration is from L.A is my beat:


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I think I actually have a plan for these…I need to try one tonight

Daily Inspiration: Sunburst Granny Hearts

Today’s inspiration comes from Bunny Mummy:

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Note: This is my 49th blog post. The winner of my give-away will be determined and announced in the next post

Daily Inspiration: Delphine Crochet Motif

Today’s inspiration comes from Amanda Perkins:

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Daily Inspiration: Fireworks suprise

Today’s inspiration comes from Amy Shawb:

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Daily Inspiration: Sunflower Lapghan

Today’s inspiration comes from Deb’s crafts:

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Daily Inspiration: Crazy Insane Granny Square Madness

Today’s inspiration comes from Fiddlesticks:

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Isn’t that just gorgeous?!

Daily Inspirations: Kitty-Cat Afghan

Today’s inspiration comes from The Adventures of The Gingerbread Lady:

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Loving the kittens and the awesome tutorial