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I’m hoping life will be a little calmer this week.

There is meant to be a presentation on either Tuesday or Thursday and I might or might not be going. I bought nice formal clothes just in case I am going. I don’t think I’m too bothered either way.

We had a fairly good weekend. Hubby got his new Retina Display macbook pro – he is so happy, it’s awesome.

Saturday was shopping and some cleaning and then just relaxing – I started filing all my Art – of  – Crochet magazines. I don’t have enough binders, they were out of stock for the longest time, and then never sent me the catch-up ones. I’m pretty sure I was charged for it though. I should go look.

That off course means that I saw a lot of projects that I want to do, so I came up with an interesting idea.

I made a list of all the projects I want to make, divided up into the amount of yarn they use, 0-5 balls, 6-10 balls etc. And I will write that on different colour cards and as I have money and want to start new projects, I just pick a card that suits my budget.

I did find a new project – a top – that I started on, you’re meant to use mercerized cotton, but I have a bamboo yarn that I think is about the same thickness, so we’ll see what happens – I did a semblance of a tension square, so now I’m hoping for the best.

I want to do a post with all my current projects, I think I have 3 or  4 going at the moment.

Church was interesting – we started a new series called Vengeance, it is about how we react when we are hurt by other people and the subtle ways in which we take revenge, e.g. withdrawing, suppressing(I’m struggling a bit with seeing how that one is vengeance) and two others which I don’t really remember.

Looking forward to the next installment of this.

Otherwise, not much exciting happening – I was meant to start my second cycle of bootcamp this morning. I debated with myself before bed and decided that I was going, woke up at 3 this morning and debated some more and decided that I was not going.

Still don’t know what the best thing is to do.

Weekend reflections

I have really boring weekends. Restful, but boring.

This weekend consisted of mostly staying at home, well, we went out for lunch and “dinner” on Saturday, which actually is a bit unusual. Other than that it was just a quiet day at home.

I did a very leisurely 30minute cycle on Saturday, the washing and we watched Bones.

The service at church was quite intersting. It was part 2 of “The new rules for love sex and dating” by Andy Stanley. It is aimed mostly at singles and unmarried people and yesterday’s sermon was aimed at men, but I still learned something.That everyone on this earth is made in the image of God and that Jesus died for everyone.

Yes, even that guy in the corner that I despise.

The sermon was mostly aimed at men having to treat women with respect and the ways in which they could do so, but the abovementioned struck me. Do I think myself better than some other people, or do I treat everyone like they were made in the image of God and therefore actually my equal?

Definitely an area in my life where I have to work on.

The rest of Sunday was pretty much spent just being lazy and restful.

This morning was bootcamp again and wow did we work hard! It feels good though.