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Fitness Assessment

I mentioned early in the week that I started with exercising again.

The  “program” that I am doing works in 4 week cycles and have fitness assessments to measure your progress.

These assessments happen on the first and last Thursday of each camp, which means my first one was this morning.

As opposed to the first two days, I felt rather weak and un-energetic this morning and I only did the half-distance run.

I am still quite motivated to work hard and push myself and get good results, which is motivating (yea, that is a weird sentence)

Eating healthy is going well, I am actually buying and making veg that I don’t usually bother with because hubby doesn’t eat them. I realised that I don’t mind freezing and then cooking veg, so that might work out well.

Without further ado, the results of my assessment:

800m run: 5m 43s

Push ups: 25 (in a minute)

Sit ups: 31 (in a minute – this one was a bit of a surprise, I expected much less)

Plank: 28 seconds

Right side Plank: 27 seconds

Left side Plank: 30 seconds.

I’m not entirely sure what my goals are in terms of improving these.

I think if I can do the run in 30-60 seconds less I will be happy.

And maybe the rest in increments of 10 seconds/repetitions will be a good idea?

I’m just going to work as hard as possible the next 3 weeks. I can do this

I have to do my measurements as well tonight – I doubt that I will post those, but I am playing with doing a progress bar for weight loss. I know that weight loss alone isn’t really a good measurement of how my body is shaping up because I will be building muscle, but it is still nice to see a change in weight.

Here is to a healthy life!