Tiredness and stuff

I’m going through another one of those “I feel like blogging” phases – the big problem is that I rarely get past the thinking about blogging part.

I seem to have finally gotten to the actual posting part.

I’m exausted at the moment – we have a kitten – a gorgeous monster that likes getting up at 5am while we are still trying to sleep. All I want at the moment is my bed, but unfortunately it is still about 9 hours away. I guess I’ll stare at the cute culprit for the time being…

Our still nameless kitten

Our still nameless kitten


I’ve also taken up knitting in recent months – never thought that I would, but it is surprisingly fun – I’m currently working on a baby jacket-thingy

Baby jacket

Baby jacket

Not the best of photos, but it gives you the idea.

I’m thinking it’s time for breakfast 🙂


Chat soon!


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