The problem with eating…

Had I remembered to add the picture to my post yesterday, you would have noticed that one of my goals/habits is to eat breakfast.

(Here it is today)

habits picture

The problem for me with eating though, is that it makes me hungry – I know, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is true.

As I’m sitting here, I had breakfast about 2 hours ago – granted, today’s breakfast wasn’t the most sustaining breakfast ever (a big mango), but I still am not impressed by feeling very very hungry as I’m typing this.

I find that they only things that keeps me full for a bit longer, are eggs and brown bread toast with cheese. Even bran cereal doesn’t keep me full for long :(.

I’m trying to settle into eating 3 main meals a day with small snacks inbetween, but it’s difficult if I’m continually hungry.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

What do you have for breakfast?

5 responses to “The problem with eating…

  • anniegurumi

    I usually eat fruit first thing, then I get ready… wash my face/change etc. Then after about 30 minutes I eat eggs with toast or cereal with milk. Usually keeps me pretty full especially if I drink a glass of water before.

    It is hard to control when you’re hungry all the time. But listen to your body šŸ™‚ if you’re hungry, maybe you need to munch a little more. Just make it healthy and I think you’re ok!

  • Kate Lantry

    I’m bad, usually just a cup of coffee. But I know what you mean; I get hungry sooner on the mornings I eat. When I do, I have a small snack (fruit, cheese, crackers, granola bar, etc.)

  • Babooshka

    Yep- I really do get more hungry if I have eaten breakfast! Its a good thing though as you should be eating small and often really- but this is so hard to do when you are working! Would be lovely to time breaks and lunch around you being hungry but its not so simple!

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