Happy new years!

Hope that you have a great year ahead!

Can you believe that the first week of the year has already gone by?

I can’t say I have made any concrete plans/goals after my last post, but I have a couple of random goals that are meant to become habits (if that makes any sense at all)

Shawni from 71 toes posted about an iPhone app called Good Habits. It is quite a nifty little app where you select a couple of habits you want to form and whether you want to be reminded about the habit on a daily basis.

The app then tracks your current steak and  your biggest streak of consecutive days where you have “completed” the habit.

Mine looks as follows at the moment:

So, to give an example, my current streak for taking vitamins is 1 day and the biggest streak is 4 days (I forgot to take some home for the weekend).

You can also go back in time to mark days.

Unfortunately the app cannot track goals such as “Do the laundry 3 times a week”, but that makes sense since the best way to form habits are to do them every day. (It would have been cool though).

I think each time a reach a steak of 30 with one habit, I will add a new habit.

Other than this, one big thing that I have recently decided I want to do this year, is to open an Etsy shop – I have read up on some ideas and suggestions, but would appreciate any advice.


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