New year

It’s always the same on New Year’s Eve , the overwhelming feeling of wanting to accomplish or change something for the better in the coming year.

I get contemplative and inspired and discouraged.

I have visions of organization and order and greatness.

It is all floating there on my head – what am I going to attempt this year, what goals do I want to set.

A few years ago I read somewhere that it is better to create habits than to set goals.

Alright – so now the thoughts are more along the lines of what habits I want to form.

And I know how you for m habits, you repeat the same behavior over and over and for that you need perserverance and motivation both of which I seem to lack.

In a sense I think preserverence is fed by motivation so I suppose in the end it is the motivation that is the real problem.

My latest bright idea is to have something like 2 or 3 habits that I want to learn every month and set my mind to do those every day – but what would those be?


2 responses to “New year

  • nieniekay

    Happy new year!!!!!!!

    I think great habits would be small things. Maybe eat healthy twice a week, do a good deed for a friend (like send them a small care package) once a month. ETC. 🙂 I think whatever you chose it’ll be met with success. Best of luck to you and many blessings for the new year!

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