Training: Day 2

Last night I has my second session of Nike Kinect Training – it was hard.

Above all, I’m still amazed with this “game” it tracks such a variety of exercises.

There was the normal warm-up, jogging in place for 30 seconds, some stretched. And then on to the real training – strength training this time.

Oh, just to interrupt myself for a bit there – it seems like the iphone app doesn’t adjust your next session until you have actually completed said session, so at the moment it is still telling me that my next activity is on 5 November and it is strength training – hopefully they will sort this bug out soon.

Back to the training – there were rapid response hops (hopping side to side on one foot), sumo jumps (those are ouch), planks, dodge ball etc.

Toward the end I really struggled, I think the last exercise was 1.5 lunges and by the time I got to my secon leg, I cheated (I think I got some benefit still, but year)

Here I realised the big flaw in home exercise (granted not everyone will see it as such) – no support.

There is no group of people suffering through this with you, it is just you and the pain. No encouragement in seeing other people struggle with you or a “live” trainer encouraging you to keep it up.

I suppose one could say that it’s self-discipline that keeps you going, not the support of others, but having done this same type of exercises in a group setting before, I realised how much such a setting actually encourages you and how much it helps having some tell you that you can do it, just a little bit more.

Instead, there I was shouting at my TV/Kinect telling it to start working properly when it refused to pick up my kneeling push ups or my single hip lifts.

Time will tell how this will balance with the convenience of exercising in my lounge (Coffee tables with wheels are an awesome invention).
I am not too sore today, but I can feel that my core muscles have worked – it is a good feeling.

Next up is Cardio training on Thursday. I will however be getting in a form of cardio tonight as well – playing Dance Central with a great friend – I can’t wait.


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