Life is a bit busy at the moment – hence no daily inspiration post or any other post yesterday.

I usually do the inspiration post during my lunch hour, but I’ve been told that we have a rather big presentation coming on the 16th and I’m preparing the document for it (I’m not sure if I’m going to do the presentation as well)
It seems like my boss and I don’t communicate very well. I thought the doc that I prepared was exactly what he had asked for, but it was completely not

So I started with a new approach which then again not what he wanted. I’m not exactly sure where the problem lies. Is it me who just assume I know what he wants, but I don’t really, or is it him who isn’t explaining well?

Any ideas how I can pinpoint the problem?

Its very easy (and tempting) to just blame him, but that is the wrong way to go about it and I need to remember that.

That’s work…please keep me in your prayers, I don’t know if I can do this.

Last night at home was quite nice, but then again, so was Monday.

On Monday hubby did the cooking and gave me a massage. We watched the second disk of White Collar (good,clean show, it’s awesome)

Last night was a bit productive, I cooked and we did some unpacking. Dinner and Bones. Hubby washed the dishes even though he had cooked the previous night (isn’t he just awesome?) and then while he was busy on his computer, I unpacked and sorted all my yarn – it was more than I thought..


I also found a project that I had started working on last year, but then got forgotten between wedding plans and moving and all that.

The yarn is just so so gorgeous! ( it’s Vinnis Nikkim)


I dug out the pattern and am good to go!

Did I mention that I actually finished the crochet part of the baby blanket I was working on? I just need to work away the edges…my favourite part…not!

Kilhra and Squeaky supervised the yarn…


This morning’s exercise was quite hectic + I think I sprained my ankle, which is annoying.

And I think that is about everything going on in my life…how are you all doing?

(please excuse typos and such, using my phone to post this)


5 responses to “Busy-ness

  • Hannah Ackroyd

    Wow what a stash! I’m hoping to end up with one like this! Since I haven’t been crocheting long I haven’t got anywhere near as much as this! However, it would be nice to just be able to grab some yarn out of the cupboard without having to trail to the shops every time I wanted to start a new project! I love that picture of your cats too…mine is currently doing the same at the moment…glaring at me to get out of the bed so she can have it!

    • Carla

      Interestingly enough, when I find new projects, I usually still go out and buy the yarn for it – I think mostly because they just use such different yarns, or because I want different colours.

      I’m wanting to put all these on ravelry and see what interesting patterns I can find.

      I think a lot of the stash is left over yarn from various projects, I always seem to have too much left!

      • Hannah Ackroyd

        I know what you mean! I seem to have quite a lot left from projects but never enough for the next project that I want to do! So it just goes in the cupboard and is forgotten about! Luckily I am quite god at listing my stash on Ravelry so it is always easy to check what I’ve got left!

  • karendibee

    The productiveness is admirable! I organized (or started) all my beads last night. All the jump rings in one place, clasps in another, etc. Feels good, I know!

    I like your stripey afghan. Continue the good week!

    • Carla

      lol as I was putting it away last night, I was thinking about a blog post and the phrase was that I had neatly…er…shoved…it in a set of drawers.

      I forgot to add it though.

      But they are more-or less sorted by gauge and I have written down what I have, so I’m happy.

      Thank you for visiting!

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