I have recently participated in my first give-away on another blog and it was quite interesting and I would even say exciting.

This made me think of hosting a give-away myself, but because it is my first attempt and I don’t have that many followers yet, it will be a rather small give-away.

I would like to celebrate reaching 50 posts on my blog (I think of all the blogs I’ve ever had, this is the most I’ve posted).

The give-away will be 5 balls of Vinnis Nikkim yarn.

The winner will be able to select the colours they want from the above store or possibly an online yarn store in their area.(It has to be this particular yarn though)

This will be my 44th post and I will draw a winner after the 49th post and announce who it is in the 50th post.

Unfortunately I’m not entirely sure when this will happen, but it will probably be early to mid next week.

To enter, please comment on this post and tell us what your favourite yarn is.

Only one entry per person will be allowed.




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