Crochet Project Progress

I saw a very interesting sidebar on Stitches, Scraps and Sparkles in the Sun, measuring her crochet progress.
The idea of having progress bars for your crochet projects is quite cool and maybe even motivating.

My question now, though is how do you determine progress?

In my case the example being the Round Ripple Baby Afghan I am making. I think there are 36 rows in total. So my first thought was that I would just take the number of completed rows(33) and divide that by the total number of rows in the pattern, which give me a completion of 92%.

Is this accurate though? (I have already changed my mind about it twice)

In terms of “Rows completed” I think that the 92% is accurate, but it is not really a good indication of the difference in time it would take to complete row 34 as opposed to row 1.

Am I making sense?

I guess what I was thinking of is something along the lines of, it will take 100 hours in total to complete this project(lets just pretend that is a fact, no matter how fast or slow you crochet) and I have spent 70 hours so far, completion would only be 70% as opposed to the 92%  if measured by rows.

Another measurement I suppose could be size – total diameter would be 90cm and I am at 70cm which gives me 78% complete – I think this would be most accurate for projects in the round, but only if you work at the same gauge as the recommended.

I suppose one could argue that progress and time-to-finish has nothing to do with each other, but if the final 1% will take me 2 hours, which is the same time as the first 40% took me, saying that I have 1% to completion doesn’t really sound right to me.

Am I making sense? (It feels like I don’t, hence the repetition of the question)

Granted when I check to see how far I am with a project, I check to see how many rows I have left to do, so maybe completed rows/total rows is the best way.

How do you determine progress on your round projects?


One response to “Crochet Project Progress

  • Kate

    Good question! I have to admit my determination of progress percent is not as scientific as yours. It’s more of a guess. I think I go by rows or blocks completed compared to how many I need (and throw in an extra chunk of time for connecting). I’ve only made the one round ripple and didn’t realize how long it would take to do those last two rows.
    I think size would be a good determination for round projects; I wouldn’t go by the gauge on the pattern, go by your gauge.
    Thanks for the blog mention!

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