Crochet Projecdology

(Yes, I made that word up…I think)


How do you approach your crochet projects? One at a time? Several at once?


If you do several at once, how do you decide which one to work on?


I was just thinking about the crochet projects that I have going at the moment (and have had going for a while now) as well as the ones I want to start, I’m sort-off stopping myself from starting any new projects until I finish my current ones, but I was just thinking that I could always have 5 projects and then I can pick a day to work on each one during the week during lunch.

The question that arose then was what is better; doing one project at a time and finishing it quicker or doing several at a time and taking much longer, but having variety.

My current two projects are both blankets:

Round Ripple Baby Afghan from


Pacific Harbour Throw also from


Starting the last one, I came to the sad reality that with blankets, once you have figured out the pattern, all the fun is gone, it is just the same thing over and over again 😦
I want to branch out and do more fun things and hopefully eventually be able to make crochet items that I can sell.

Most of all, I just want to enjoy my crochet.


What is your crochet projecdoloy?


6 responses to “Crochet Projecdology

  • rainbowjunkiecorner

    Since I knit and crochet, I am finding it good to have a knitting and crochet project on the go at once as then if my hands start to hurt doing one thing I can change to the other. Mind you, I am making a crochet cloth and long socks at the moment both lengthy projects, so I gave myself a treat, took a couple of days out and made a crochet cat just for fun. I think I like having a big project like a blanket but need to do little fun things in the middle.

  • rainbowjunkiecorner

    Forgot to say, your blankets look beautiful.

  • Kate

    I have CADD (crochet attention deficit disorder) so I have to work on multiple projects at once. I try to keep it interesting by having different stitches and hooks for each project, have some small and some big, and make some for fun and some for gifts (with a deadline in mind). I hope that’s not too confusing; it’s just how I roll!
    Very pretty blankets by the way 🙂

    • Carla

      That sounds like a great way to keep from getting bored.

      I’m definitely looking for crochet projects with a greated variation of stitches (trebles/dc are starting to drive me up the wall!)

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