Cooking good food

I mentioned yesterday about spending some time browsin Pinterest. I ended up also looking at the food pages.


I wish that I was better at the whole cooking thing. I can make meals, most of which my husband and I enjoy, but it all comes out of packages.

Chicken curry is made using a curry sauce by Tastic. Breyani is made by using the breyani mix also from tastic.

I think the only recipe that I make from scratch is a sweet and sour chicken recipe that I found via Pinterest.

My rice cooking skills seems to have disappeared as well – I don’t know why, but for some reason my rice just does not taste right.

Getting back to browsing Pinterest though,  this board is what brought up this post.

I know photos tend to look a lot more amazing somehow than reality, but wow. I wish I could cook that wide-a-variety.


Sure, I can follow any recipe given to me, but just having the motivation…and time…


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