A longer introduction

Once again, welcome to my blog.

I am moving over from blogger to WordPress and just wanted to give you an idea of what is currently happening on my blog.

I have started with a “Challenge” which is meant to result in a life change.

Currently I am focusing on quiet time and healthier eating habits (+ a little bit of a diet)

In order to reach my first goal, I am making a point of typing my reading for the day and posting it on my blog – please feel free to hold me accountable if you are so inclined.

The second goal is a bit more difficult to define and keep track of, but I am currently using CalorieCount to keep track of my food and (hopfully) weight loss.

To make this a bit more of an introduction;

10 Facts about me:

  • I am 25 years old
  • I have been married since October 2011
  • I love crochet
  • I have an awesome husband
  • We have 2 cats, Kilhra and Squeaky
  • I work as a developer/business analyst
  • I am a born again follower of Christ
  • I am very judgemental – something that must change
  • I despise mushrooms
  • I love Opera music



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